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The fastest way to identify and resolve Oracle performance problems
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Lighty for Oracle

Monitor Multiple Bases on a single Screen

No need to switch between several screens to get a global view of the performance of your Oracle databases. Just select your databases, what you you want monitor for each database, and get a single oracle performance dashboard.

Resolve Performances Problems

Switch from real-time to a historical view of your database activity to understand the bottlenecks and the configurations issues causing performance problems.

Tune up requests

Use our wide range of filters to quickly identify critical SQL queries, and resolve performance issues via a graphical analysis to navigate a global view to a detailed view of the points of contention.

Real Time Diagnostic

Use our performance gadgets (blocking sessions, monitored sql, …) to build a fully customizable dashboard displaying activity graph and incremental statistics.

In-Depth Statistics

Execution plans, historic of executions, profiles, baselines, memory usage, … Navigate throw the wide range of statistics Lighty for Oracle provides to understand your performance problem.

Usable on Standard and Enterprise Versions

Because performance management is a must have for all DBA, you can use Oracle Enterprise Edition with Lighty and AWR metrics, but also with the Standard Edition, Edition One or Standard Edition Two. You can then rely on our own performance indicators reference : L-ASH (Lighty-ASH).

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