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Pricing & Licenses

Licenses are granted by user or by site.

There is no limitation in the number of instances accessed.

The license includes the right to use the product, the support, updates and version upgrades

Details Per User Per Site
Annual license subscription, first year 1.800 € 12.000 €
Annual subscription renewal 600 € 4.000 €

Rates applicable from 1 January 2016


Defining the concept of user:

An identified natural person authorized to use the software(s) Lighty on a single workstation, regardless of whether it is used or not at a given time.

Defining the 'site' notion:

The license can be used for up to 20 people on a single physical site with the same physical postal address.

For any request, please send us a message at
Licenses are sent electronically within 24 hours.

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